Paragliding course oludeniz

Paragliding Courses Oludeniz

Take a course and fly yourself

Paragliding Courses Oludeniz gives you very enjoyable time while you are learning to fly.

A beginner pilot does the first of flights from a 80 meter cliff. Advanced paragliding Pilot is an independent Pilot. He/She can analyze and fly alone.


What is Paragliding course

They can :

Fly without supervision, they know and analyse different weather condition.
If you choose to fly from Babadag Fethiye, you can receive the assistance of Skywalkers Paragliding Appi School. This is good to receive important information, support and more security.

More info for paragliding courses Oludeniz

Please see the website of Appi to get information about our paragliding courses too. Here in Oludeniz Turkey, you can take a course and be a pilot. Instructor can speak german and english too. To contact for the courses, here is the contact form.

The course and training prices change between 800 € to 1200 € indeed. Because the levels of introduction course, beginner course and experienced pilot courses are different. So, the prices are not the same for all.


In a quest of the soul for adventure and self-discovery, people on earth are tempted to step outside the creation of gravity. A game of balancing courage and control, paragliding allows you to experience an unprecedented experience unmatched anywhere else, where the exhilaration of freefall meets the art of measured descent. Thanks to unforeseen events, paragliding courses become gateways to a universe of freedom where gravity possibly transforms flight.

Why Paragliding Course?

Paragliding does not just mean doing sports, it implies that we are at the beginning of our breakthrough by standing still and working hard. Paragliding Courses that go deep into the possibilities offer countless advantages: Paragliding Courses that go deep into the possibilities offer countless advantages:

Paragliding course fethiye oludeniz


  • Experienced Instructors: Under the guidance of experienced mentors, new aviators master the complexities of flight with control and comfort that camouflage their goals.
  • Strict Security Protocols: The school believes in strict security measures in place. Students are trained by the school to understand the need to be prepared and cautious at every step of their adventure into the unknown.
  • Holistic Learning Approach: Teaching programs that integrate theory with the real world, the curriculum focuses on the finer points of aerodynamics, meteorology and emergency topics, providing a holistic understanding of the skies above.

Discovering the Essence of Paragliding: Discovering the Essence of Paragliding:

The harmonious performance of wind and wings depicts this relationship between humans and nature in many ways. Each door is a new testament to the power of the human spirit, as humans who welcome the supreme rule of the elements strive to reach heights no one else on Earth has reached. The gliding course serves as a gateway to the world of the clouds, with instructors guiding you gracefully and fluidly throughout the flight.

Course Curriculum:

The chair of astronomy is at least a harmonious combination of theory and practice. Our courses cover a multi-faceted approach covering: Our courses cover a multi-faceted approach covering:

  1. Theoretical Foundations: Active learning combines principles of aerodynamics, weather models, and other theoretical aspects of flight to equip participants with the knowledge necessary for flight. It helps them make informed decisions about life flying in the sky.
  2. Practical Proficiency: Engaging with the exultation of flying, the trainees learn the basics through a practical training program. The experts teach them how to handle the device and initial skills: taking off, landing, and steering the device under the constant supervision of a veteran professional teacher.
  3. Emergency Preparedness: Having a cockpit in the fight is the number one priority before the actual fight begins. Our training courses enable learners to master the art of smooth take-offs and landings, even in conditions of unpredictability, avoid dangerous territory, and keep their heads unnerved in times of stress, according to which they will fly across even the stormiest of skies.

Paragliding Courses Oludeniz

Upon successfully completing the paragliding course, you will be a certified paraglider! This certificate allows you to freely soar at paragliding spots worldwide.


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