Experiencing the Flight Like soaring into the heights of Fethiye with 20 years of tandem paragliding expertise.

Welcome! Over these past twenty years, we have made it our mission to give adventures for life in the mesmerizing views of Fethiye from the skies. Based on the key values of our company that include creating memorable moments minus any risks as well as high professional standards, we are glad to host you onboard and provide an unforgettable journey.

From Individuality to Unity, the Intersection of Experience and Trust.

We can make the blazing sun, gloomy rain, towering mountains, and merciless sea into roses and pleasant weather through our deep knowledge, accumulated over 20 years of practice. The safety first! cooperation of all participants in the joint flying of a paraglider is our basic principle. We have skilled and experienced tandem pilots that receive certificates. Our pilot’s goal is to provide you with a safe and unforgettable adventure.

We work with the modern technologies and equipment in the area of data recovery.

Our mission is not to just provide safety equipment but to implement the latest technology which assures the highest level of safety. Only machine equipment that goes for tests before every flight is being taken into account in order to guarantee the level of the highest standard. Today’s parachuting equipment centers around the comfort element and the fact that you are immune to risk in all the time of free-falling, allowing the experience to be a memorable one.

Excellence in Customer Satisfaction

Customer’s satisfaction it is our business backbone. For us, each customer is important. That is the reason we give every visitor of our site a special experience. It’s our pleasure and privilege to welcome you and be invaluable assistance during the entire journey course from a first greeting to the training and finally to the flight.

Remembered Few Scapegoats of Fethyae Special Landscape

In Fethiye with such a beautiful natural environment, our agency is there to offer service against the background of the Aegean Sea’s lovely azure water, the majestic Babadağ, and the green forests. If after a tandem paragliding flight with us, your experience is a pleasurable journey, your head is packed with the best memories that stay with you for a lifetime.

Soar High with Us!

In the course of the past twenty years, our enterprise has remained dominant in Fethiye. It is now time for us to welcome you on board and give you that awesome sky-open feeling. Each flight reminds us of our mission and we pledge to you to offer the air transportation as unique and as pleasant as possible, with respect, love and, foremost, smile. It’s our pleasure to welcome you to the skies!

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